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-Loose weight,

-Gain muscle,

-Sport competition,

-Train for your health

I adapt your program for all your goals..


  • Every week receive your session with all my advices for you.
  • You will know what to do and how to do with all my videos.
  • You just need to start and to let me help you.
  • I adapt myself with your avaibility.
  • I correct your position for every exercise.
  • All sessions will be different to progress and never feel boring.
  • Program at home or at the gym.
  • Application with tracking graph to assess your progress.
  • Access to my private facebook group.
  • Available 24/7.


  • Detailed diet with your calorie calculation. You just have to let yourself be guided.
  • Not very restrictive, real complete and balanced meals without depriving yourself.
  • I adapt to your allergies, restrictions and tastes.
  • No dietary supplements unless desired.
  • You don’t need to calculate anything.
  • Access to the private facebook group.
  • Available 24/7.

100% guaranteed results

train with my app

Everything is easy to understand and clear.



Small return after 3 months of follow-up with celine I am super satisfied and happy with this collaboration, celine 😁is very attentive to the slightest doubt or concern about the session and she presents 7 days a week … and a kindness … I love the variety and the training method and to see the progression 😁I recommend to it is really a comfort to arrive at the room to 💯open the application and follow the program no headache, the little more the demo 👍👍 videos


Hi Celine, I hope you’re doing well. Well I wanted to wait to reach the 10kg barrier before publishing a before/after photo but after 3 months of coaching I could not resist when I came across my photo before my start with you! I’m in shock 😱!! I am proud to have achieved his results! Before looking at my “before / after” I did not realize to anyone that my still has changed and I thank you for helping me to always go further! We will continue together I want to be the best version of myself. Now the photo on the right will be today my “before” and in 3 months I will do a photo to see my “After” so I could observe my evolution over 6 months. In any case thank you and continue to make me sweat !


I wanted to take a coach as I could not get the expected results during my weight training sessions. I heard about Celine in a YouTube video. After an interview, she made me a diagnosis. We were able to start training remotely. It exceeded my expectations. She managed to sculpt my body. Beyond the result, this coaching with Céline allowed me to have a better food hygiene. She was able to be present, encourage me and adapt to my schedule and my injuries. I was doubtful at first but over the months, I noticed that Céline is a demanding professional who masters her subject. Start!


Celine is much more than a sports coach! Real ally to improve your daily life. She is always present and adapts to any situation. She has been and will remain a real source of motivation to achieve my goals. I did a 3-month online program that brought me bcp and was my trigger to finally take control both physically and mentally. The online follow-up is well detailed whether for home/indoor exercises and non-restrictive feeding. The big plus is his kindness throughout the accompaniment. I can only recommend.

Céline, here we are at the end of our three-month coaching.
At first I was very very reluctant because I have already dealt with other coaches, I was disappointed because very absent so I did not go to the end of my goal .. and limit I felt guilty for disturbing them with my questions.But honestly with you it’s very different you are there every day every day and even on weekends you adapted to me, to my level, to my family life and having children we organized ourselves according to tt its parameters. You allowed me to regain confidence in myself.Above all, you allowed me to reconcile myself with food … You are very close to your students very gentle in listening … I validate 1000%  your working method and your professionalism. Thank you very much for what you have brought me. I regret that it has already ended 😭😭😭 I wish you all the happiness we wish to the people we love 🥰

Reminder of why it really works :

Alone we go faster, together we go further

The number of sessions per week will depend on your goal but especially on your availability. 3 is a good number to have results in the long term, if you can more it is great but it must be achievable compared to your current life. 

After each session I want a return, it’s very easy thanks to the messaging on my application. For all challenging exercises I want a micro video to correct you and ensure the right execution. It’s a team effort that works very well and allows me to really adapt every week. 

After understanding your goal, I establish your first food program, I adapt according to your allergies, your food restrictions and your preferences. It is absolutely not a diet, you should not suffer deficiencies and feel tired. You have the right to pleasure meals, simply I guide you so that you succeed in changing bad habits. 




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