Hi, I’m Yoann 33 years old. Personal trainer since 2016, I contacted Céline to have 6-pack after a healh problem. Always good to train despite I’m coach too. After 4 weeks the results was there. You can train with her. Motivating and determined.


I contacted Céline to lose weight after 1 year of inactivity.
I was looking for a coach who would know how to bring me little by little to feel better and above all to get me out of my comfort zone.
Today, after a few months of coaching, I feel better and regained my confidence! I changed my way of being, but also my state of mind! Together we managed to achieve my goals and I continue more to become the best version of myself. Céline is a passionate professional who is very present both during and outside the sessions. She makes sure that each session is not alike and that we have a pleasant time despite the suffering :).

She also advises me on food to keep a perfect balance.
I highly recommend Céline if you are looking for a truly tailor-made service”


I initially planned 1 month of coaching but the effectiveness of Céline’s programs and her friendliness convinced me to continue the experience. After 8 months of working together: 7kg less, visible fat loss, a more toned body with nice volumes and muscles that really show! I also gained confidence with a coach who always pushes you to do better and to believe in yourself. I am proud of the journey accomplished. Thanks Celine!


I begin to train with Céline since less one year and I’m very happy of my evolution. 

Céline is a super coach, complete, motivating, pedagogue. With her I push my limits and I get my goals.  She trains me to succeed my exam to become personal trainer. My weakness are pull ups but in less of 4 monts with Céline I can do one. Now I have more confident of myself for my exam.
I have less fat and more muscles !
I want to train again a long time with Céline, I don’t want to change for anything !
You can train with her to 200% ! 

Céline has been coaching me twice a week for a little over a year, plus monitoring what I do on my side on weekends. My goal was to pass a physical test as part of a military certification. We had to lose weight, work on pull-ups, re-muscle the entire upper body and work on cardio. She helped me achieve it beyond my expectations. At 48 I finished 4th out of 36 in competition with young people 20 years younger. Between her and me, it’s a real team effort and it works because we share the same values. Professionalism, rigor, and will.

She will know you, listen and bring you to your goals.
I can only advise her.
Thank you Celine.
Already 3 months have passed with Celine..
Having known her in the past in the context of a sporting activity, I had already noticed her professionalism and her determination to succeed and to make others succeed.
Personally for our 3 months of support, I did not need to be motivated because after 2 years without sport due to an illness I was on my toes.
But after so much time without sport, I didn’t know where to start again and that’s where Céline played her role perfectly and I thank her for that.